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The transformation of education that educational systems must carry out to respond to the challenges of the 21st century is becoming more relevant due to the global circumstances of COVID-19 and the consequences of all kinds that it is causing. The author describes systemic proposals for change in the elements of the current model: curriculum, organization of students and teachers, and spaces. The link between these proposals and the ones that different pedagogues have been developing in the last 20 years, which, in turn, connect with the spirit of the school’s renovating currents since the 19th century, is also described. The author points out some of the characteristics of the Horizon 2020 project by Jesuïtes Educació, which since 2012 has been implementing concrete proposals for deep transformations in learning. School leaders and teachers need to set new sights and learning practices that are consistent with the changes that schools need.

Webinar on Education, Sustainability, & Global Citizenship: Future Challenges Under the “New Normal”

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